Sunday, February 1, 2015

Competitive Advantage of Cessna

Cessna aviation has been producing aircraft for various uses since 1926 and has become a hugely competitive force in the aviation manufacturing market. They have achieved competitive advantage by significant horizontal integration to several different markets.  Many pilots start their training in a Cessna aircraft, and their 172 Skyhawk model is the most produced general aviation aircraft in history.  However, the company also produces Citation business jets in various sizes as well as turboprop aircraft, which are in use by various commercial operations, from skydiving centers to humanitarian organizations, all the way to worldwide delivery services.  In the 2013 General Aviation Statistics Databook, Cessna is one of two manufacturers with products in every fixed-wing aircraft category listed, and it has by far the highest production numbers from year to year.  In addition to offering several product lines, Cessna also has made partnerships with flight schools, many of which potentially draw in extra business by being a Cessna Pilot Center.  The flight school gets a pre-built curriculum and students get taught in a standardized manner.

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